Sunday, August 19, 2012

HI-Lift Jack Mount for an ARB Roof Rack

It was time to find a place to install the Hi-Lift 60” X-TREME  Jack

I was finding there was plenty of easy and affordable mounting kits for the stock roof rack, however if I wanted to hang it from the ARB rack we were going to have to spend some $$. Not yet ready to toss down $40-$90 for mounts, especially when the money should go to something more appropriate (like Gas, beer or ammo). 

I decided there was a quick and easy answer to solve this issue. The ARB roof rack has smaller diameter tubing than the stock FJ racks making a majority if not most of the aftermarket tube clamp type mounts not possible to use. However it does have ten large support columns that run from the bottom to the top tube.  With the size of these crossbars it is obvious that  a couple holes drilled into two of them would not affect the strength of this stout roof rack. All it took was a few items most people may have laying around in the garage. 

A couple nuts and bolts, some washers and wing nuts,

A tape measure or square, punch and hammer,

and a drill and bit.

To keep the bit from traveling, I marked the spot deeply with a punch.  I then drilled the first hole, placed the bolt and washer on then snugged it up tight with the nut. 

I stripped the jack down so it was just an I beam, this way I could easily place it on to the bolt to make an easy reference point. I took a measurement on the first point to use as a guide so the rear would be parallel with the top bar on the rack. I marked where the second hole needed to be by placing the punch throw one of the holes on the Jacks I beam.   

I made the mark a little deeper and drilled the hole for the last bolt.   

gave the stripped down Jack a quick test fit and then...

Put it all back together and tested it all out!

For more information about the ARB roof rack check out ToyTec Lifts!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Our ToyTec lift arrived!!!!

We received our Ultimate 3” Lift not long ago but this is the first chance we have had to post about it. We are very excited to get this installed!!! 

 The Ultimate Lift Kit Includes:
TOYTEC Adjustable Coil Overs and the adjusting tools,
Front Sway bar spacer,
Dif spacer,
Skid plate spacers,
Rear coil springs,
Bilstein Shocks to replace the rear.

The great thing about the front being adjustable for us is we will be adding a new front bumper, and winch in the future so it will be nice to be able to make adjustments for the added weight and keep it at 3”. 

Be looking for a blog about the install as well as before and after pics!!! ToyTec Lifts has a great install  guide on their site so this should be an easy install. We would really like to thank all the people at ToyTec Lifts for helping us with the selection of this kit.  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Check out this Voodoo Blue!

Thanks to Mousepad via the FJC Forums for sharing your Voodoo Blue FJ!  

FJ 2007 Blue -A-trac locker 4x4
Pro Comp 52| BFG 285/75/16 KM2| OME 3'' Lift| Allpro Spacer 1.50 hub centric|bodymount chop| ARB Snorkel| ARB Front/Rear Bumper|ARB Underpanel Kit| Ricochet Front Bash/Control Arms/Engine/Transmission Skid| Allpro Lower Shockmount skid/ T-case Shield|Allpro Slider|Complete Vkool|Demello lightbar|sPod|TRD Exhaust|AFEpower CAI| 6000k 35w HID Bixenon| Hella Rallye Light w/ 3000k HID| 2x Rigid Duallys White|2x Rigid Dually Amber| 40' Rigid|Garmin nuvi 255w

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


While cruising around the FJ Forum I stumbled upon this beast!  
Meet The Toyeti!  If I saw this FJ on the road or trail I would get whiplash from spinning my head around so fast!  

FJC FORUM ID: Old Cruiser

2010 White (called Warm White- not Iceburg for some weird reason)

Nickname- The Toyeti (later refered to as the "Crack-Rock" since its worse than any gateway drug on the market)

And so it begins......

So it started with some good mods...

All pro Rock Sliders with kick out
Aero Light gaurds (I was on my 3rd- now 4th windshied- wanted to protect the lights)
SAW 3" 2.5 coilovers w/ rear Springs and 2.0 rear shocks
Total Chaos UCA's
Rocktek custom "stinger" front bumper
Lightforce 240's/ Procomp 5" lights
Factory light switches for the off road lights
Pathfinder 9000 winch (now with Synthetic Viking line)

It looked like this

Added some Spidertrax 1.25" spacers

went form this..

to this

Got more of the addiction itch and bought lots opf recovery gear...
Baja Drop in basket
ARB premium recovery gear
ARB air gauge with air down feature
ARB fridge/ freezer
ARB Bushranger (AKA the orange marshmallow)

48" Hi-Lift Extreme with base
Demello Hi-Lift roof rack adaptor
Powertank Co2 system- 10 lbs with airchuck and bag (custom Smoked Bronzed color) 
Lots of tools from Craftsman, Snap-on, Harbor Freight and Stanley

Added some new wheels- 16" Konig Countersteer Offroad w/ 315/75R16 Yokahama Geolander MT's

At this point went nuts and went to All pro for an long travel set up for the front and rear

2.5" Fox resi up front with 2.0" fox piggy backs in the rear.

New 2" longer front All Pro UCA's and LCA's with 2" longer Currie axles. SS brake lines at all 4 corners. Spindle gussets.

All Pro lower and Upper rear links, All pro +3.5" rear coils. 


Total Chaos weld on tower gussets and cam gussets.
Digger rear suspension armor. 

After install it looked like this

Painted the factory wheel black, tinted out the tail lights and the front markers, added tons of stickers.

Picked up some tube doors

Sold the 16" wheels and tires and got these...

17" Trail Ready HD Bead locks with blue World series Rock rings

35 x 12.5 R17 Pitbull Rockers Radials

Now it looks like this

And flexes like this...

Also added a new Megan exhaust, FJoel custom fairlead, 50’ Viking synthetic winch line with safety thimble

Have but need to install
Dirty Parts Dual Battery w/ Odyssey battery
Rigid Dually D2’s off road LED lights
4” HID Off Road lights (replacing the 5” pro comps)

In the works (because an addiction is never really cured…) 
Baja Utility roof rack
Bud Built Skids w/ Differential cover
Marlin Crawler (“Lefty”)
Re-Gear to 4.56 
ARB front locker w/ comp
Rocktek rear bumper with swing out (being built this year by Justin)
MAF 19 gallon reserve tank
Adventure Trailer- When a decent used one appears at the same time I have $$ (in other words- never)